Social Club

Welcome to the Brooklyn Cannery Social Club!

We founded Brooklyn Cannery to create delicious prebiotic sodas that not only packed fun and complex flavors, but also delivered as a gut-healthy, functional beverage. We've always wanted our brand to be community-driven, and today, we’re excited for our community to leap into its next phase by introducing the Brooklyn Cannery Social Club!



BCSC is a community and loyalty program built from the ground up on Web3, and will focus on you—our community—as well as on our partners who contribute to this ecosystem.



As a member of BCSC, you’ll benefit from regular discounts on our products, access to exclusive events and parties, sneak peeks and access to future products—before anyone else, and much much more.



BCSC is launching on April 12th, get ready for community and perks coming your way!


This isn’t your great aunt’s loyalty point program! To join BCSC, start scanning the QR codes on our cans, claim our free unique collectibles, and look for a special surprise.



By claiming a collectible, you are automatically part of BCSC, and get access to:

  • 10% discount on all Brooklyn Cannery products
  • Access to Brooklyn Cannery Social Club digital community
  • Access to exclusive IRL events and merch
  • Early access to new flavors & future Digital Collectible drops





If you collect all four collectibles, you'll get airdropped the Floater pass, which gives you additional perks:

  • Free IRL rootbeer float redemption at participating ice cream shops. See FAQ for more.
  • Wholesale pricing on the Brooklyn Cannery website across all products


You might be wondering who designed the amazing collectibles at the heart of the BCSC.


Meet Valeriia Potaichuk. In her own words:


"Growing up in a small village in Ukraine, I never had the opportunity to attend art courses. After moving a few times, my family settled in a town near the capital, and I eventually went to university in Poland to study IT. However, I soon realized that IT wasn't the right fit for me and switched to philosophy, but I still felt unfulfilled. It wasn't until I discovered graphic design that I found my passion.


During this time, I earned my second Masters degree and found myself with extra time to reflect on the direction I wanted to take in my career. It was then that I received my first major project from Bloomberg, and I knew that bold vector art, filled with color and energy, was the path I wanted to pursue.


Thanks to the support of my clients and family, I've been able to thrive as an artist and am excited about the possibilities that the future holds."


What is a digital collectible?

Digital Collectibles or NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are unique digital assets that are secured and contained on the blockchain. The blockchain verifies ownership, provenance, and transaction history. When you collect a digital collectible, you are also getting its public record on the blockchain it was created on. This makes provenance public and verifiable, allows for transactions on the secondary market, and also allows you to access perks tied to the collectible.

Do I need a wallet to claim and store my Digital Collectible?

You do not need to come equipped with a crypto wallet. We give you two options: either you use your own wallet (e.g. MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, etc.) or you can choose the 3mint wallet, which is automatically generated for you and accessible with only your email login.  

What can I use my digital collectible for?

Make your Digital Collectable part of your identity! With a membership to the Brooklyn Cannery Social Club, you'll not only be part of a ridiculously fun and growing community, but you’ll also gain access to exclusive rewards and opportunities. You can also trade your collectible with other members or sell it on the secondary market.

What does my membership to the BCSC mean?

Get connected to a community of pre-biotic soda lovers with your membership! You'll get access to events and channels, along with exclusive perks like discounts. Plus – keep an eye on for future drops––they're worth the wait.

Can I sell my digital collectible?

Yes. Digital Collectibles in general can be bought and sold on secondary marketplaces like Opensea. You can list your collectible for sale there; make sure to use the correct OpenSea link. Soon, you will be able to sell your collectibles directly from the 3mint wallet, stay tuned!

Where can i find BCSC on opensea?

You can find the collection on our official page here:

how do i go back to my 3mint wallet?

Once you've created a 3mint wallet through the digital collectible claim flow, you can always return to it by navigating to

How do i create an apple / google wallet pass from my collectible?

When you click on your collectible within the 3mint wallet, you'll access the collectible page. At the bottom of this page you'll find a button allowing you to generate an Apple or Google wallet pass, which will allow you to access IRL perks, such as a root beer float if you're a Floater.


For the best results, use Google Chrome. If you are using your own self-custodial, such as Meta Mask, and you have already connected your wallet to the 3mint wallet, you may have to sign a transaction inside Meta Mask before returning to the 3mint wallet to generate the Apple / Google wallet pass.

I still have questions...

If you still have technical questions, please reach out to - we'll get back to you asap!