About Us

Partners, Maciej & Lauren, launched Brooklyn Cannery Prebiotic Soda after discovering how much they both loved gut-healthy functional foods. Yogurt, Kefir and Kimchi have been staples in their daily diets but they struggled to find a beverage that met their taste buds needs - something that has classic pop undertones with fun and sophisticated layers. After months of experimenting they launched what BEVNET dubbed, "some of the best tasting CSD's they've tried in a while'. 

Brooklyn Cannery Prebiotic Soda has flavors like Lychee Lemonade, Key Lime Jalapeno (for the spicy marg lovers), Cola Amaretto (the classic with a hint of bitters), Root Beer (CREEEAMY) and Ginger Beer made with organic juiced ginger.

The new drinks have become the perfect complement to their already rich diet of prebiotic and probiotics. We hope you love it just the same.